These are unprecedented times and we are all learning to work within the current ambiguity.

  • It’s early days and we have already begun to see the conundrums that our clients are facing when it comes to executive hiring, especially for consumer organizations. Sharing a few tips on how to think through talent issues for the next few weeks.
  • For non-revenue generating roles we would recommend to stay in a holding pattern for now. Keep costs low to have a larger runway to operate when all this is over.
  • Continue to hire for revenue generating, P&L roles. When the demand cycle comes back you will be competitively placed to capitalize on it. P&L skills will come handy in optimizing costs and turning around businesses.
  • Use this time for talent picking. Some sectors are likely to be impacted more than others from this lockdown. Top quality talent from these sectors would be looking for more stable opportunities and will be open to conversations at this time.
  • Utilize this opportunity to build a point of view on talent. Do not halt the interview process, candidates are also more likely to be available for interaction during this time. Hold interviews virtually, identify your closing candidates. Be ready to trigger offers as soon as the certainty in your business prevails.

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