Making career choices is hard even in the simplest of times;couple it with the extraordinary situation we find ourselves in and your careerdecision just got more confusing and challenging. I am sharing a few practicalsuggestions to help you think through any existing or imminent choices that youmight have to make.

  • If you are in the middle of exploring a newopportunity, treat this as a minor disruption. Continue with the process.However, be open to a compensation structure that is pegged to performancemetrics and more variable in nature.
  • If you are beginning your job search, becautious and selective while evaluating both the role and sector. Companies arerethinking strategies to flourish in the post-Covid world. Wait for the dust tosettle and clarity to emerge before taking any steps. Factor in that new rolesor opportunities could emerge at your current employer as well.
  • Focus on sectors that are expected to be lessimpacted by the after effects of the lockdown. Depending on your skill sets andrisk appetite, you could take an unorthodox approach and explore opportunitiesin the impacted sectors (hospitality, retail, travel, manufacturing) – thesesectors will be looking for talent who come with specific skills inrestructuring and cost optimization.
  • Remember that skills such as P&L management,revenue enhancement, cost optimization and people management are sectoragnostic. Demand for such skills remains even during down times.

We will reach the other end of this tunnel soon. Till then#staysafestaysane !

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