Your unique business context demands distinctive leadership, and a differentiated executive search and development approach

Our “3R” framework contextualizes your talent hunt, delivering a high CV-to-offer ratio, helping yousave time and effort in onboarding transformational leaders for top positions.


3R Framework

Think of the search process as a funnel. We add value when we widen the mouth to locate all potential candidates, then apply specific constraints to zero in on the most suitable individuals. Our clients find their closing candidates with in the first 3 Resumes that we share.

Our clients work with us for our ability to solve difficult searches and find best fit candidates for them

Deep conviction

Ishwa has a unique point of view on right-fit senior talent.

Unique access

We connect you to top leaders, leveraging our strong relationships and established networks.

Rigorous search process

75% CVs shared are shortlisted for interviews. 50% candidates taken via interview process are offered.

Proven track record

95% closure rate. 40+ trusted client relationships.

Partners in your Growth

Give us a chance to solve your toughest leadership challenges

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