Select Clients Assignments


Consumer Internet

  • Our client, India’s largest aggregator of venues wanted to build a high performing team to meet aggressive growth targets
  • Worked with the Founder directly to build his direct reporting team over a period of 6 months.
  • Roles included National and Regional Business Heads, Head of Strategy, Head of Product Management.

National Business Head

Retail Healthcare Brand

  • Client wanted non-healthcare talent
  • The client parameters were very broad leading to a vast talent pool, worked closely with client to narrow it down
  • Search solved with talent from e-commerce with Retail/Consumer Sales background

Head of Admin

Global Beverages Company

  • The search was for a diversity candidate
  • The talent pool was extremely limited in the role and industry being looked at
  • Search solved through sourcing through our industry network

Client Quote

“We came to Ishwa after spending over 3 months trying to find the right candidate. The Ishwa team made us realize that we were approaching it too simplistically and missing out on a large part of target talent pool. They made us meet 2 candidates. We liked both! We picked one for the role in question and the other for another position that we were working on internally”


CEO, fast growing Consumer Internet Company